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Flange Connected To The Pipe End

Jan 25, 2018

   Introduction of connection of butt welding flange

Butt weld flange, also known as the flange. The flange is a part that connects the tube to the tube and is connected to the pipe end. There are holes in the flange, the bolts make the two flanges tight. Butt welding flange and its gasket, fasteners collectively referred to as flange joints. Flange joints are equipment, equipment, spare parts in the necessary components, but also piping design, pipe fittings essential parts of the valve.

The butt is a disc-shaped part, the most common in the pipeline works, the flanges are used in pairs in the pipeline project, the welding flange is mainly used for pipe connections in the need to connect the pipeline, the Install a flange, low-pressure pipe can use the wire flange, 4 kg above the pressure of the use of welding flange. Between the two flanges with sealing points, and then fastened with bolts. Different pressure of the flange Different thickness and the use of different bolts. Pumps and valves are connected to the pipe when the parts of these equipment are also made of corresponding flange shapes, also known as flange connections.

The use of bolted connections at the same time in two planes is also known as "flanges", such as the connection of ventilation ducts, which may be referred to as "flanged parts." But this connection is only A part of the equipment, such as the connection of the flange and the pump, it is not good to the pump called "flange parts." More small, such as valves, can be called "flange parts." Forging process generally consists of the following steps , That is, select high-quality billet cutting, heating, forming, forging after cooling. Forging process methods are free forging, forging and fetal membrane forging. Production, according to the size of the size of forging, the number of production batch selection of different forging method.

Free forging productivity is low, the processing margin is large, but the tool is simple, versatile, it is widely used for forging the shape of a simple single, small batch production forging. Free forging equipment with air hammer, steam - air hammer and hydraulic press, respectively, suitable for small, medium and large forging production. Die forging productivity, simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. Forging forging the size of high precision, small machining allowance, forging the fiber structure distribution is more reasonable, can further improve the service life of parts.