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Flanged Butterfly Valve Good Fluid Control Characteristics

Mar 05, 2018

The butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is installed in the diametrical direction of the pipe. In the flange butterfly valve body cylindrical channel, disc-shaped butterfly plate around the axis of rotation, the rotation angle of 0 ° -90 ° between, rotated to 90 °, the valve is fully open state.

Flange butterfly valve structure is simple, small size, light weight, only by a few parts. And only need to rotate 90 ° can quickly open and close, simple operation, while the valve has a good fluid control characteristics. When the flange butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the disc is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body. Therefore, the pressure drop produced by the valve is very small, so it has better flow control characteristics. Flange butterfly valve with a sealed seal and metal seal two sealed type. Elastic seal valves, seals can be embedded in the valve body or attached to the butterfly plate around. Flange butterfly valve in a variety of production industries, the application in many ways, due to the powerful performance, small and easy to carry, the material has a strong resistance to stress. In the real life application, the flange butterfly valve operation is simple and easy to use, at the same time the valve has the good fluid control characteristic, deeply loved by the majority of the user. Flange butterfly valve temperature for ≤ 120 or ≤ 150 , nominal pressure ≤ 1.6MPa, in all industries are particularly applicable for the two-way seal and the valve body easy to corrosion occasions, for regulating the flow and cutoff media. Flange butterfly valve type is divided into metal seal and soft seal two sealed form. Flange butterfly valve in the control of the temperature also has its own unique way, generally divided into preheating section, heating section and soaking section, can be a good control of the various stages of the temperature, in the industrial production process, to achieve the highest and best effectiveness. First of all, we say how the butterfly valve should be stored before the use of storage. Flange butterfly valve custody: the installation of the flange before the butterfly valve should be stored in a dry warehouse, and shall not be blocked at both ends of the channel at random; custody for a long time butterfly valve should be regularly cleaned, dry, , Then sealed at both ends with the original closure to ensure that the cavity clean and protect the sealing surface. Finished custody, we come to understand the use of flange butterfly valve and maintenance. Flange butterfly valve in use if you need to adjust the flow of use, adjust the drive to open the control position; switch frequency of the flange butterfly valve, in 3 months time, should open the worm gear cover to check whether the normal butter To maintain the appropriate amount of butter; butterfly valve installed after use, should regularly check the use of the valve effect, if the failure to be promptly ruled out.