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Forged Steel Ball Valve Working Principle Introduced

Jun 19, 2017

 Forged steel ball valve works by rotating the valve stem to make the valve open or closed. Can be made of full diameter ball valve, 90 ℃ angle, ball valve switch light, small size, can be made of large diameter, sealed and reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, sealing surface and the spherical surface is often closed, not easily eroded by the media, in various industries Get a wide range of applications. Forged steel ball valve Category: low pressure forged steel ball valve, high pressure forged steel ball valve.Forged Steel Ball Valve

High pressure forged steel ball valve is based on the needs of users, in order to meet the vulcanization environment in the application of vulcanization cracking requirements, the series of high pressure forging ball from the design, selection, manufacturing, testing, surface and paint are strictly in accordance with the United States corrosion The engineer will be required by the NACE standard. This series of ball valve is not only a wide selection of materials and materials are all surface with nickel plated 316 material, sealing the use of special polymerization special information. So that the valve is not only anti-corrosion, anti-vulcanization ability, fire, anti-static, good sealing performance, the use of a wide range of pressure and temperature range, full diameter and shrinkage are available, and can be equipped with a variety of drive devices, chemical, , Natural gas extraction and transportation system ideal valve selection.Forged Steel Ball Valve

Main function: medium in the middle of the valve stagnation due to temperature changes and the people often boost, the media pressure to push the valve seat from the ball, to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief, relief after the valve seat automatically reset. Seat in addition to the general seal, specially set the sealing structure, can play a ring damage due to leakage when the emergency ambulance effect. When a fire or a different temperature causes the valve seat seal to burn or soften. Valve operation is reliable, at the same time, the seat and the ball to form a metal metal, to achieve a temporary seal, to prevent the fire to further expand, in line with the provisions of AP16FA. Unscrew the exclusion device to check for leaks in the valve seat and also to allow the retentate in the chamber to reduce contamination of the valve unilaterally. In the working state, the valve is fully open or fully closed, you can replace the valve stem stuffing box. Stem parts are sealed with PTFE packing and O-ring double seal, especially for gas media. Stem parts of the use of high-quality SF self-lubricating bearings, the friction coefficient is smaller, reduce operating torque.Forged Steel Ball Valve