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Forged Steel Lift Swing Check Valve

Sep 05, 2020

Forged Steel Lift Swing Check Valve

Working principle of forged steel Lift check valve:

The disc of the lift check valve is on the upside of seat sealing surface. The disc can be up and down freely, the other parts of valve are the same as globe valve, the flow pressure press the disc from the seat sealing surface, then the disc is lifted, when the flow service flow in reverse directio, the disc will go down to seat sealing surface, and shut off the flow. The disc can be full metal depends on the application, also we can insert the rubber gasket or ruDTer ring to the disc depends on the application. The service flow through the lift check, the bore are as narrow as globe valve's. so the pressure loss of lift check are big than swing check, and the flux of swing check limited little. 

Lift check valve can only installed on horizontal pipeline, ball can be the alternative of disc for high pressure and small size check valve.