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Forged Steel Y Type Strainer

Nov 18, 2019

Forged steel Y Type Strainer

Our company offer the  Y-Type Strainer  screen is a standard 304 valve body forged steel or stainless steel y filter as an indispensable high efficiency filtration equipment in purification equipment engineering, which has played a great role in the treatment of domestic wastewater and industrial sewage. With the advantages of design and application, it is now very popular. Forged steel filters withstand higher pressure and are suitable for high pressure pipes.

Forged steel y filter has effectively treated a large number of domestic and industrial sewage in various industries, so that valuable water resources have been effectively reused and a large number of water resources have been saved. The advantages of forged steel y filter include full automation, no maintenance, large filtration area, high filter efficiency, long service life, stainless steel material, optional filtration accuracy and complete specifications. Compared with other filtration equipment, it is one of the most effective equipment in reclaimed water reuse project. Moreover, the water quality after y filter treatment not only meets the national discharge standard, but also realizes the purpose of repetition and recycling.