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Forged Valves

Jul 20, 2019

Advantages of Forging:

       The mechanical property of the forged piece is generally superior to the casting of the same material by forging and eliminating the as-cast loosening and the welding hole of the metal. For important parts with high load and severe working conditions in machinery, forgings shall be used in addition to plate, section bar or welding piece which can be rolled with simple shape.It is mainly formed by extrusion at high temperature. The grains in the parts can be refined.


    Forging can be divided into two parts according to the forming method :open forging ; Closed mode forging

Main materials for Forging:

The forging materials are mainly carbon steel and alloy steel, followed by aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper and their alloys. The original state of the material is bar, ingot, metal powder and liquid metal. The ratio of metal cross section area before deformation to die section area after deformation is called forging ratio.