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General Situation Of Market Development Of Valve Casting Industry In China In 2019

Aug 22, 2019

       According to the investigation and Investment Strategy report of China Valve Castings Industry (2019 Edition) issued by Limu Information Consulting, the domestic pump valve casting industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but there are still many problems in its industry development. Because the domestic pump valve industry carries on the price war for a long time, causes the pump valve industry to wander in the world pump valve industry medium and low for a long time. Therefore, the pump valve industry in our country must change the competition mode and change its weak state.

      Although the valve casting industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, the overall level of the industry is still low, the technical content of products is low, and many key valves with high parameters still rely on imports. Some experts estimate that China's valve level is 10-20 years behind that of foreign advanced countries.     


      There are still many defects in quality management in our country, first of all, it is more or less ignored in the process. Many enterprises have quality assurance system, but they do not pay attention to it in practical work, and the implementation of quality management is very not in place; secondly, it is not strict in the assembly process. If the production equipment is backward, it is still at the level of the 29 th century 80 s. Some are limited to funds, but also in the purchase of numerical control and machining center, but the formation of numerical control processing enterprises are not many in the industry, accounting for only about 20%.