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Globe Valve Product Market Trends

Sep 03, 2016

Due to changes in user needs, globe valve product market trends will change, for some time in the future the main trends are as follows:

1. with the shift in oil fields and offshore oil development to the Mainland, as well as thermal power plant with electric power industry by 300,000-kilowatt to over 300,000-kilowatt of thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power developments, globe valve product should also change according to the application areas change their properties and parameters;

2. urban construction system consists of low pressure cut-off valve and to the development of environment-friendly and energy-efficient, which used low-voltage iron gate towards environmentally-friendly plastic valves, balancing valve, transition and midline butterfly valve metal seal butterfly valve, oil, gas project pipeline development in the direction of, which in turn requires a lot of flat gate valves and ball valves;

3. energy is on the other side of the development of energy-saving, so from the perspective of energy conservation, the development of steam traps and subcritical and supercritical high parameters of development;

4. power plant construction to the larger, so the need for large-diameter and high-pressure relief valve and pressure relief valve, and also used as a quick on-off valve;

5. address the needs of engineering, valve supply from single to multiple varieties and specifications development. Globe valve required for a project, consists of a globe valve manufacturers all offer a growing tendency.