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Hinder The Progress Of China's Valve Industry Reason

Sep 03, 2016

Ventilating butterfly valve is oil, chemical industry, power plants, pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, all kinds of cryogenic engineering, aerospace and indispensable for national economic sectors such as offshore drilling fluid control equipment. After years of development, the ventilating butterfly valve in China ranked first in the world in the number of enterprises, ventilating butterfly valve enterprises of various sizes is about more than 8,000 more than 1000 annual output value of more than 6 million Yuan. From products situation view, China ventilation butterfly valve industry currently has can production more than 10 big class products, as gate, and as valve, and ball valve, and butterfly valve, and safety valve, and check back valve, and throttle valve, and spin plug valve, and valve, and diaphragm valve, and sparse valve, and emergency cut valve,, ventilation butterfly valve highest using temperature reached 570 ℃, minimum for-196 ℃, and highest pressure for 600Mpa, maximum pass diameter reached 5350 mm.

In addition, according to statistics from related departments, ventilating butterfly valve market turnover as high as about 60 billion yuan every year, of which more than 15 billion yuan of market ventilating butterfly valve by foreign enterprises. Butterfly's valve industry in China after the reform and opening up, the development, have achieved little progress. But at present, the butterfly's valve industry in China still has some problems, such as ventilating butterfly valve enterprises mainly to low-level, small-scale, cottage-type enterprises. On the product, due to duplication of investment and technology investment, the introduction of enough, ventilating butterfly valve the main products of the enterprise are still of low quality mass products.