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How To Choose The Right Ball Valve

Sep 03, 2016

1, easy to view hard seal ball valve

① for large diameter valves and long distance, high altitude, high temperatures, high pressure, electric and pneumatic valves should be used, flammable and explosive occasion to use explosion-proof device, in order to secure reliable, hydraulic and pneumatic devices.

② need quick opening, quick closing valves, should be based on the need to use butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves or hard seal ball valve, valve, not the simple gate valve, globe valve. In the action space is limited, should be applied to rising stem gate valve should be used Inside screw nonrising stem type gate valve, but the best selection of butterfly valves.

2, from regulating the flow accuracy considering hard seal ball valve

When you need to accurately regulate the flow, control valve should be chosen, when his low flow accuracy, needle valve or throttle valve should be used. Necessary to reduce the valve after the pressure, pressure reducing valve should be used, when you want to maintain the stability of outlet pressure, regulators should be adopted hard seal ball valve.

3, temperature-resistant pressure resistance capacity considering hard seal ball valve

Hard sealing ball valves at high temperature and pressure the media often used to cast chromium-molybdenum steel and chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, for ultra high temperature pressure medium should be selected taking into account the corresponding forgings, forging properties superior to casting, temperature-resistant pressure resistance ability is superior to casting.