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How To Improve The Filtering Effect Of Strainer

Oct 23, 2019

we know that the fine strainer mainly utilizes a special filtering medium to complete the whole filtering process, and is widely used in the industries of metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making, fuel and the like, and is accompanied by the popularization and application of the filtering equipment, Now, regardless of whether it is used or not, the problem of improving the filtering efficiency of the filter is of great concern, so how to improve the filtration efficiency?

1.To increase the pressure for the strainer:

You know that in addition to filter cloth can improve efficiency, appropriate increase in pressure can also improve efficiency. is to use the flow of the filter fluid to provide kinetic energy, and at the same time to form a pressure difference. when the filtration range reaches a certain value, the pressure difference will increase, and the faster the flow rate of the filter material will be, which will lead to the improvement of filtration efficiency.

2.Strainer forms are diverse:

The shape of filter impurities, according to the time and temperature, the filtration effect will also be different, at this time, it is suggested that users should consider the temperature, the density of the substance and the shape of solid particles.

3.Increase the filtration area:

Because the design of filter products is relatively simple, in use everyone wants to maximize the filter area, to do this, it is recommended that the filter cloth must be placed flat, never fold. After using for a period of time, clean the filter cloth in time to ensure the cleanliness on the filter cloth.