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How To Install Forged Steel Check Valve Correctly

Oct 21, 2019

Correct installation of forged steel check valve

1. The disc of the butterfly check valve is disc shaped and rotates around the rotating shaft of the seat passage. because the inner channel is streamline and the flow resistance is smaller than that of the lifting butterfly check valve, it is suitable for large caliber situations with low velocity and irregular flow, but it is not suitable for pulsating flow, and its sealing performance is not as good as that of lifting type. Butterfly check valve is divided into three types: single valve type, double valve type and multi half type. These three forms are mainly divided according to valve caliber, in order to prevent the medium from stopping flow or backflow, and to reduce the hydraulic impact.

2. For check valves sliding along the vertical center line of the valve body, the inner thread check valve can only be installed on the horizontal pipe, and the disc can be balled on the high pressure small diameter check valve. The valve body shape of the butterfly check valve is the same as that of the globe valve (which can be used with the cut-off valve), so its fluid resistance coefficient is larger. Its structure is similar to the globe valve, and the valve body and disc are the same as the globe valve. The upper part of the disc and the lower part of the cover are machined with a guide sleeve, and the disc guide can rise and fall freely in the disc guide simple. When the medium flows down, the disc is opened by the medium thrust, and when the medium stops flowing, the disc falls down on the seat from the vertical side to prevent the medium countercurrent. The straight-through butterfly check valve medium inlet and outlet channel direction is perpendicular to the seat channel direction; the vertical lift check valve, its medium inlet and outlet channel direction is the same as the seat channel direction, its flow resistance is smaller than the straight-through type.

3.Forged steel check valve: a check valve that rotates around the pin shaft in the seat. Disc check valve structure is simple, can only be installed on the horizontal pipe, good sealing.

4. Clamp the butterfly check valve: the valve with the valve flap sliding along the center line of the valve body. The pipeline check valve is a new kind of valve, its small volume, light weight, good processing manufacturability, is one of the development direction of the check valve. But the fluid resistance coefficient is slightly larger than the swing check valve.

5. Pressure check valve: this valve is used as boiler feed water and steam cut-off valve, it has the comprehensive function of lifting check valve and globe valve or angle valve.

6. Do not make the check valve bear weight in the pipeline, and the large check valve should be supported independently so that it is not affected by the pressure produced by the pipeline system.

7. Pay attention to the direction of media flow in the direction of the arrow marked by the valve body.

8. The lift type vertical flap check valve shall be installed on the vertical pipe.

9. The lift horizontal valve should be installed on the horizontal pipe.