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How To Prevent Unreasonable Installation Of Household Valves

Jun 25, 2019

Main reasons

First, the valves are not purchased in strict accordance with the specifications and models specified in the construction drawings or specifications before installation, which causes the installed valves to fail to meet the pipeline use requirements, which affects the normal use of the pipeline. The second is that the valve is not installed correctly or is not convenient for maintenance and operation, or even does not work, mainly because the installer lacks the common knowledge of installation or has not enough knowledge of the specification requirements, which makes it impossible to be used after installation.

preventive measure

First, before valve installation, we should carefully read the construction drawings, strictly according to the drawings, specification requirements for the selection, installation and correct use of valves. There are many kinds of valves, structure, material and performance are different, such as gate valve, globe valve and ball valve can not be used to replace triangle valve in water equipment. Second, before installing the valve, you should carefully check the model, specifications, check for damage, remove the opening seal cover. Third, the valve inlet direction can not be installed reverse. In general, the valve body is marked with a flow arrow, which indicates the direction of water flow. Third, in addition to installing according to the requirements of the specification, the installation position should consider the convenience of operation and future maintenance as much as possible, at the same time, we should take into account the beautiful appearance of the assembled valve.