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How To Select The Valve Correctly?

Jul 15, 2019

Usage and structural characteristics of valves

Usage characteristics: determine the main use characteristics and scope of the valve. The valve Usage characteristics relating to : the body, cover, stem, disc, sealing surface and other materials; 

structural characteristics it determines of valve installation, repair, maintenance and other methods. The structural characteristics are as follows: the structural length and overall height of the valve, the connection form of the pipe, such as flange connection, thread connection, welding end connection and so on; 

Selection of valves

1.Specify the purpose of the valve in the equipment or the device, determine the working conditions of the valve.

2. Confirm the nominal size and the connection mode of the valve to which the valve is connected.

3. Confirm the mode of operation of the valve. 

4. Confirm  the form of the valve. 

5. Confirm the parameters of the valve.

Principles to be followed

1.The valve flow for cut-off and open media is straight-through valve

2. Valves used to control flow usually choose valves that are easy to adjust flow as the control of flow. 

3.The valve for reverse shunt can have three or more channels according to the need of reverse shunt. 

4. Valve for medium with suspended particles. When suspended particles are present in the medium, the valve with wipe effect is most suitable for sliding along the dense cover with its closing parts.