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Installation And Maintenance Of All - Weather Explosion - Proof Fire - Proof Breathing Valve For Storage Tank.

Oct 18, 2019

Installation and maintenance of all - weather explosion - proof fire - proof breathing valve for storage tank.

Technical article storage tank all-weather anti-explosion and fire-proof breather valve installation and maintenance click times:286 release time:2019/10/11 storage tank all-weather anti-explosion and fire-proof breather valve installation and maintenance of all-weather explosion-proof fire-proof breather valve. The product is integrated with the breather valve, and its novel structure is domestic. It is a necessary new safety device for petrochemical storage tank. Its advantages are high fire resistance, light weight and convenient maintenance. The product is suitable for a class A oil product with an internal point lower than 28 DEG C and a class B oil with a flash point lower than 60 DEG C. The product is used as a chemical product storage tank with the same oil product as gasoline, stupid, methyl, kerosene, light diesel oil, oil, crude oil and the like, and the product is normally operated in a temperature environment of -35 DEG C to 60 DEG C.

The working principle of all-weather explosion-proof and fire-proof breathing valve is as follows: the zfq-2 type all-weather explosion-proof fire-proof breather valve is arranged on the top of the storage tank, When the external liquid is input into the tank, a large amount of gas is called out (called positive pressure). In case of out-of-tank liquid, the tank must be drawn into the tank from outside air (called negative pressure). If the breather valve is automatically closed when the operation is stopped, the liquid gas in the tank cannot be leaked out, so that the quality of the liquid in the tank is guaranteed.

All-weather explosion-proof fire-proof respiratory valve product characteristics: 

1.the new all-weather breathing valve shell selected stainless steel, cast steel and aluminum alloy, good corrosion resistance. 

2.the valve disc is made of tetrafluorine material, low temperature resistance and good antifreeze performance.

3.the structure is simple, easy to overhaul, safe and convenient. 

4.The performance of the new all-weather breathing valve fully conforms to the standard sy7511-87 of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry.

While understanding the working principle of fire resistance breathing valve, we should understand some basic maintenance to ensure the more efficient use of breathing valve. Fire resistance breathing valves generally have air leakage, sticking, bonding, blockage, freezing and pressure valves and vacuum valves often open and other faults, how to maintain is also needed to master:

1. Be sure to check the flexibility of the fire-proof breathing disc before use. two。

2.Check the breathing valve regularly, check whether the breathing valve is running normally, whether the pressure gauge of u-type pressure gauge is normal, whether the sealing net is broken, whether it is smooth or not, whether there is air leakage in the pipeline valve body of oil tank, and so on.

Tank all-weather explosion-proof fire-proof breathing valve installation, maintenance and maintenance: in order to be safe in the use of breathing valve, the corrugated fire resistance layer should be removed in 3 ~ 6 months, cleaned to ensure the smooth flow of each hole in the fire resistance layer, to prevent blockage and ensure safe and normal use. Check regularly if the general air is positive, the negative valve disk is flexible, the guide rod and the valve disc contact sealing surface are damaged, and if there is damage, it should be replaced immediately. In the inspection, maintenance and reinstallation, we should ensure that the joint surface of the valve is closely coordinated and the disc lift is flexible. When the new valve is in operation, remove the shockproof between the disc before installation, otherwise the breathing valve will fail.