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Installation And Maintenance Of Tank Round-the-clock Explosion-proof And Fire-proof Breathing Valve

Mar 19, 2020

Installation and maintenance of tank round-the-clock explosion-proof and fire-proof breathing valve

      All-weather anti-fire breathing valve working principle: zfq-2 type all-weather anti-fire breathing valve installed on the top of the tank, both anti-fire function and solve the positive pressure in the tank, negative pressure gas, so that the liquid in the tank is not hindered in and out of the tank, when the external liquid into the tank there is a large amount of gas exhaling (positive pressure). If the liquid in the tank is exported out, the tank must be sucked into the tank from the external air (called negative pressure). If the automatic closing of the breathing valve does not leak the liquid gas out of the tank, the liquid quality in the tank is guaranteed.

  All-weather anti-fire breathing valve product features :

1.the new all-weather breathing valve shell selected stainless steel, cast steel and aluminum alloy, good corrosion resistance.

2.valve disc using tetrafluorine material, low temperature resistance, good anti-freezing performance. 

3.structure is simple, easy to overhaul, safe and convenient. 

4.performance of the new round-the-clock breathing valve fully conforms to the standards sy7511-87 regulations of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry.

    While understanding the working principle of fire-proof breathing valve, we should know some basic maintenance to ensure more use of breathing valve. Fire-proof breathing valves are generally leaky, stuck, bonded, blocked, frozen and pressure valve and vacuum valve often open failure, how to maintain the need to master:

1.Be sure to check the flexibility of the fire-proof breathing valve disc before use. 

2. check the breathing valve regularly, check the requirements to check whether the breathing valve operation is normal, the pressure gauge of the u type pressure gauge is normal; whether the sealing net is damaged, whether it is unblocked; whether there is air leakage in the valve body of the pipe type breathing valve of the oil tank in the hole storage tank, etc.

     Tank all-weather explosion-proof fire-proof breathing valve installation, maintenance and maintenance: in order to use the breathing valve safely, the corrugated fire-proof layer should be removed in 3-6 months, cleaned clean, ensure that each hole on the fire-proof layer is smooth, prevent blockage, ensure safe and normal use. Check regularly whether the ventilation positive and negative valve disc action is flexible, guide rod and valve disc contact sealing surface damage, if any damage should be replaced immediately. In the inspection maintenance re-installation, should ensure that the valve inside the bonding surface tight coordination, valve disc lift flexible. When the new valve is in operation, remove the shockproof between the disc before installation, otherwise the breathing valve will fail.