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Installation Considerations About Check Valve

Jul 29, 2019

Wafer Check Valve 

The wafer type check valve is a general one-way fluid valve. The wafer type  check valve is light in weight, small in volume and easy to be installed between flanges. the valve is composed of two discs and body . The valve plates is closed by the deformation of the spring fixed on the valve body with the pin, and the fluid pressure makes the open spring deform very quickly, so that the pipeline can be protected from the damage of the water hammer.

Installation considerations:

1. The pipe shall be placed so that the flow direction of the clamp check valve is consistent with the flow direction of the fluid;

2.  The device is in a straight line. with respect to the horizontally placed tubing, a straight-to-clamp check valve is placed;

3. a telescopic tube is used between the clamp check valve and the butterfly valve, so that it is not directly connected to the other valves;

4.  In the range of operating radius of the valve plate, it is avoided to participate in the pipe joint and the plug;

5. Do not have a variable diameter pipe in front of the clamp check valve or the rear device;

6. When the device opposite to the elbow is opposite to the clip type check valve, pay attention to the space which is large enough;

7.  When the water pump outlet device is opposite to the clip type check valve, At least a space of six times the diameter of the valve is out to ensure that the butterfly plate is eventually subjected to fluid action.