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Introduction And Function Of Soft Sealed Gate Valve

Sep 15, 2017

     Soft sealed gate valve is divided into two kinds: soft seal gate valve and dark rod soft seal gate valve. Usually there is a trapezoidal thread on the lifting rod, through the nut in the middle of the gate and the guide groove on the valve body, turning the rotation movement into a straight line movement, that is, the operation torque into the operational thrust. When opening the valve, when the gate lifting height is equal to the valve diameter of 1:1 time times, the flow of the channel is fully unblocked, but at run time, this location is not monitored. In actual use, it is the vertex of the stem as a sign, that is, the position of the open, as its full opening position.Gate Valve

     In order to consider the phenomenon of temperature change deadlock, usually in the vertex position, and then pour back to the 1/2-1 circle, as the position of open valve. Therefore, the open position of the valve, according to the position of the gate (that is, stroke) to determine. These valves should be installed horizontally in piping.Gate Valve

     Soft seal GATE Material: Valve body material, should be cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, 316L mainly, and indicate the grade and cast iron actual physical and chemical testing data, in view of the above requirements, valve shaft filler to strive for a lifetime or more than 10 years do not replace; Valve filler should also withstand frequent opening and closing, sealing effect of permanent; As a result of the soft sealing gate valve in the pipe network, usually the opening and closing is not frequent, the request packing is not active in several years, the packing also does not have the aging, the long-term maintenance seal effect;Gate Valve

    VALVE SHAFT FILLER: soft seal gate valve, valve plate lining material physical chemistry and hygienic examination data; ordinary wedge-type gate valve, copper ring material, fixed mode, grinding method should be explained; soft sealed gate valve categories, sealing methods and material requirements are different; valve stem bushing material, its hardness and strength should not be greater than the stem, And in the condition of water immersion with the stem, the valve body does not form electrochemical corrosion. What is the material requirement of the soft seal gate valve? World Pump Valve Network for you to introduce the soft sealed gate valve of the main parts of the material requirements.Gate Valve