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Main Classification Of Large Diameter Gate Valve

Nov 02, 2019

Main Classification of large diameter Gate Valve

The large diameter gate valve is mainly used for cutting off the pipeline, generally it is not considered for saving flow, it is suitable for high pressure and high temperature, as well as a variety of different fluids, but it is generally not used for mud, viscous fluid, etc. Large diameter gate valve can be divided into wedge type and parallel type according to sealing surface configuration.

The large-caliber single-gate wedge-type gate valve has the advantages of simple structure, sufficient use reliability in a certain pressure and temperature range, However, because the wedge angle of the gate of the large-caliber wedge-type single gate valve cannot be adjusted, the deviation of the wedge angle is very strict.

Among the parallel gate valves, the structure with thrust wedges is the most common, which is not only double-sided thrust wedges in the middle of the two gates, but also suitable for low pressure and small caliber gate valves, as well as spring with springs between the two gates, which can produce pretightening force and is beneficial to the sealing of gate plates. Compared with the general wedged gate valve, the large caliber flat gate valve has the advantages of long life, low operating torque, convenient remote control and automatic control. Therefore, it has developed rapidly in recent years, and it is suitable for all kinds of pressure grades, from low temperature to high temperature.