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Maintenance Method Of Copper Valve( Brass, Bronze )

Sep 09, 2019

Copper valve is a valve product based on copper. Compared with the traditional cast iron valve, the performance advantage of copper valve is more obvious. Performance is an important factor to measure the value of product use, and manual maintenance is an important means to ensure the value of product use.So what are the operations in which copper valve products can play a maintenance role in use?

Cleaning work

Due to the processing environment and the factors of the application environment during the installation of the copper valve and the use of the copper valve, some polluting substances are inevitably stained, and the operator can ensure the performance of the product through some professional cleaning operation, Especially for rain, oil stain, etc. with higher frequency.

Auxiliary work piece

When the copper valve is not in use for a long time, the operator needs to take different protective measures according to the different structure of the different valve and different packing. The valve door can be closed by using wax paper lake comprehensive plastic sheet to prevent foreign bodies from entering it

Current maintenance

When the copper valve is used in the open-air environment, if the conditions permit, the user can use a water-proof appliance such as an oil felt or a raincoat to block the product so as to reduce the direct contact of the product with the rain water as much as possible.

The above methods have been proved by practice and are effective maintenance methods. In order to prolong the service life of copper valve effectively, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in the process of ordinary use.