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Manufacturers To Resolve Future Of Titanium Ball Valve

Sep 03, 2016

Along with the traditional valves profession economy gradually increased in recent years, more and more new types of valves appear. Titanium ball valves, made of titanium metal valve. Oxidation in a highly corrosive environment film has very good stability and passive ability, a strong corrosion characteristics to withstand a variety of harsh working conditions. Material properties of titanium ball valve market demand will rise rapidly in the future.

Titanium is a metal with high chemical activity. However, it showed exceptionally good to many corrosive medium corrosion resistance. Has good reason is that titanium and oxygen affinity, easily reacts with oxygen in the surface of a solid and dense layer of passive oxide film. In the media of many harsh corrosive conditions, this layer of oxide film is very stable, more difficult to dissolve, even destroyed, as long as there is enough oxygen is able to repair itself quickly rebuilt.

Corrosion of the titanium valve's ability to resist environmental media, the key lies in the surface of the "passive oxide film" chemical stability in the corrosive medium. For a neutral, oxidizing, weakly reductive environment "passive oxide film" itself has very good stability. For high temperature or PH value lower of restore sex corrosion media, for improve its "blunt sex oxidation film" of stability, can through joined sustained corrosion agent (as air, and water, and heavy metal ion and Yin ion,), as titanium surface ion modified sex processing, anode of processing, method, to improve "Titanium" in restore sex media in the of resistance corrosion sex and the surface hardness to meet using requirements.