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Triple Offset Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

Apr 08, 2020

Three-eccentric butterfly valve overview

Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve is equipped with valve pneumatic actuators on the triple eccentric butterfly valve, mainly is suitable for the water air gas steam piping, used as the seal or adjust flow used as flow adjustment, the adjustment range for opening 20 ~ 70 (90) to fully open.


The wafer pneumatic butterfly plate in the process of opening and closing of triple eccentric butterfly valve, implements the disc sealing ring and valve seat sealing surface without sliding friction between the CARDS, pressure Angle is greater than the friction Angle on the surface of the seal, seal with radial dynamic balancing system design, make the butterfly plate open is very low resistance in the process of opening and closing butterfly plate sealing surface along the 360Each point of the round corner can be completed instantly and quickly, point by point contact and point by point off open seal is separated, quickly and accurately achieve the sealing action of automatically matching the close contact.

Flange type pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve

Due to multiple seals, through high precision machining into oval cross section sealing ring, it and valve seat sealing surface metal seal this kind of sealing structure, do not produce plastic deformation under high pressure conditions, under the working condition of high or low temperatures, there is no pressing stress of welding stress elastic annealing or bite the embrittlement phenomenon, solved the transmission butterfly valve seal structure is not reasonable cause leakage of ills, greatly improving the sealing reliability of pneumatic valve.

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