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PVC Foot Valve Bottom Valve

Apr 16, 2020

PVC bottom valve also known as the reverse check valve, is a low-pressure plate valve, its role is to ensure that the liquid in the suction pipe one-way flow, so that the normal work of the pump when the pump short time intermittent stop work, so that the liquid can not return to the water tank, ensure that the suction pipe is full of liquid, in order to facilitate the start of the pump.

Overview of PVC bottom valve: 

PVC bottom valve, is actually a kind of check valve, bottom valve to prevent water backflow role PVC according to the material can be divided into plastic bottom valve and metal bottom valve can also be divided into ordinary bottom valve and backwashing water bottom valve PVC bottom valve is mainly used in processing of grout mechanical equipment such as pump, usually bottom valve can be installed in the bottom of the suction pump water, to prevent the reverse flow of grout.

PVC bottom valve structure: 

the bottom valve in the valve cover with a number of water inlet, and equipped with a screen, in order to reduce the inflow of debris, reduce the probability of the bottom valve clogging bottom valve is equipped with an anti-clogging screen, but the bottom valve is generally suitable for cleaning medium, viscosity and particles over the large medium is not suitable for the use of the bottom valv