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Six Corrosion Protection Methods For Flanges.

Jun 20, 2019

Maintenance paint solution 

maintenance paint is a hard film that can be bonded directly to the substrate, generally epoxy or polyurethane paint. There are many edges and edges in the flange. Because of the thinning effect of the edge, it is difficult for the conventional paint system to cover the edge effectively. Although the thickened coating will solve the problem of edge protection, it will seal the fastener and make it impossible to disassemble during subsequent maintenance. In addition, the coating will be destroyed when the bolt is operated and must be repainted after maintenance.

Mechanical Solutions

The mechanical solution is mainly provided with rubber sealing strips for stainless steel or plastic material through the gap between the protective cover and the clamp sealing flange and the flange face. This protection is less flexible and requires the storage of a cover or clamp that is completely matched to the various sizes of the flanges.

Solution of tape or semi-solid anticorrosion belt

Coiled tape (such as mineral grease tape, waxy or elastic polymer tape) is protected by wrapping around the surface of the substrate. Because the semi-solid polymer is waterproof, this protection method can provide reliable anticorrosion protection. However, if the flange shape is complex, this material is not only time-consuming but also difficult to construct. When it is necessary to disassemble and assemble bolts, the material is relatively soft and easy to cut, but it is difficult to re-seal and restore the original protection after disassembly and assembly, which generally needs to be rebuilt.

Hot melt plastic solution

The hot-melt plastic is essentially a high-temperature heated waxy, fusible polymer that is sprayed onto the surface of the substrate by a specialized hot-melt device. The advantage of this protection is that it can be remelted and can be reused and cost-saving. This method also requires hot work, professional equipment and construction services, although it can be reused, it is not easy to open and seal during maintenance.

Polymer-sealed bag solution

The sealing bag can completely wrap the flange and is composed of a low-permeability polymer, a corrosion inhibitor vapor and a drying agent. It is convenient to install, but both ends of the bag are sealed with tape only, rather than with a durable and effective mechanical bond. There is a large area of steam space inside the bag, so that a large amount of water can be easily collected, and the corrosion inhibitor will be consumed for a period of time. Although the above-mentioned scheme can play a certain anti-corrosion protection function, there are still some defects in the construction and inspection and maintenance, and it is necessary to explore the effective solution to provide long-term and comprehensive protection for the flange.

Novel peelable sealing film system

Aiming at the problem of flange corrosion, the company has developed a new type of peelable sealing membrane system with strong strength and sufficient elasticity, which can be removed backward without tearing, with rubber elasticity and completely free of isocyanate and toxic metal catalyst. The system is specially designed to provide protection for flanges, fasteners and related pipes. It can be bonded to the hand-treated base material without hot work, but makes the construction safe and simple. The system uses corrosion inhibitor as the primer to provide the whole corrosion protection. At the same time, the coating itself has strong adhesion, which can eliminate all water in the system.