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Stretching And Compression Of Globe Valve

Oct 30, 2017

Bellows sealed cut-off valve with bellows seal design, completely eliminate the common valve stem packing.

Use advantages: Double seal design (corrugated pipe filler) if the seal aging quickly easy to leak the shortcomings, not only improve the use of energy efficiency, increase production equipment safety, reduce maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but also provide a clean and safe work ring bellows failure, stem filler will also avoid leakage, and in line with international sealing standards No fluid loss, reduce energy loss, improve plant equipment safety, long service life, reduce maintenance times, reduce operating costs; rugged bellows seal design to ensure 0 leakage of stem, provide no maintenance conditions. Metal bellows valves need to pay attention to the problem. The gap between bellows and stem is generally taken 1-2mm.

Bellows can not withstand torque, design should ensure that the bellows only tensile and compression. Bellows valves in the opening or closing state, the bellows are respectively in compression and tensile state. Bellows should be subjected to pressure to withstand the need for small-layer thickness, and required to test. Attention to the compatibility of materials, the practice proves that inconel alloy is a better material for corrugated pipe to withstand high temperature and high pressure.Globe Valve

The welding quality of bellows should be in process assessment and welding record. As a throttle valve, the effect of velocity on bellows should be considered. Bellows have a certain stiffness, should consider the bellows stretching or compression caused by the increase in the operating torque.