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Storage Tank Explosion Proof Corrugated Flame Arrester

May 06, 2020


      Storage tank explosion proof corrugated flame arrester type ZHQ-CZ is one type of the flame arrester, is introducing advanced technique of similar foreign products, and in accordance with the actual situation of domestic and China design and production of replacement products, safety equipment for oil storage tank, used to prevent flammable gas, liquid and prevent the spread of the flames and explosions caused by tempering. The flame arrester is fire resistant layer commonly used stainless steel or copper nickel alloy material pressed into corrugated, corrugated is decided by the size of the gas properties and prevent the flame speed. The working principle of the flame arrester, at present, there are mainly two kinds of Views: one is based on heat transfer is based on a wall effect. Pipeline explosion-proof crimped fire arrester type ZHQ-CZ is the application of the flame through the narrow pore heat conductor, explosion-proof fire retardant corrugated metal core formed of triangular elements to damage due to flame, the heat loss and out of the principle design and manufacture.