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Technology Of Soft Seal Gate Valve

Oct 30, 2017

Long-term use of the general gate valve in the market there is a widespread leakage or rust phenomenon, High-tech rubber and valve manufacturing technology produced by the elastic block gate valve, to overcome the general valve sealing poor, elastic fatigue, rubber aging and rust and other defects Gate Valve

Resilient seat gate Valve The compensating effect of the elastic valve to produce micro-elastic deformation achieves good sealing effect, which has obvious advantages such as light switch, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and long service life. Can be widely used in water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy systems and other fluid pipelines as regulating and intercepting devices used.Gate Valve

Flat-bottomed seat: The traditional gate valve is often after the water washing tube is because of the external objects such as stone, block, cement, iron filings, sundries, etc. deposition in the groove of the valve bottom, easy to close and form a leakage phenomenon, elastic seat seal valve bottom with the same water pipe design, not easy to cause debris siltation, so that the fluid unimpeded. Precision Casting Valve Body: The valve body uses the precise casting, the precise geometrical size makes the valve body inside without any finishing can guarantee the valve the tightness.Gate Valve

The whole package: the valve uses the high quality rubber to carry on the whole inside, the outsourcing rubber, the European-flow rubber vulcanization technology makes the valve after vulcanization to be able to guarantee the accurate geometrical size, and the rubber and ductile iron valve then securely, not easy to fall off and the elasticity sinks the good memory. Not easy to break: traditional cast iron gate valve is often caused by external hit, collision or heavy stress and other phenomena. This situation has been greatly reduced as the body has switched to ductile iron.Gate Valve