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The Classification Of The Structural Characteristics Of The Check Valve

Oct 18, 2017

Return valve: check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the pipeline in the medium back. Water pump off the end of the valve also belong to the check valve class. The opening and closing of the medium by the medium flow and the force to open or close itself to prevent the medium back valve called the check valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, mainly for the media on the one-way flow of the pipeline, only to allow the media to flow in one direction to prevent accidents.Check Valve

Check valve: According to the structure, can be divided into lift check valve, swivel check valve and butterfly check valve three. Lifting check valve can be divided into vertical and horizontal two. Swing check valve is divided into single-valve type, double-valve type and multi-valve type three. Butterfly check valve for the straight-through, more than a few check valves in the form of connection can be divided into threaded connection, flange connection and welding three.Check Valve Lifting vertical valve check valve (One-wayvalve): should be installed in the vertical pipe. Check-in (One-wayvalve): the installation should pay attention to the following things: Do not let the check valve in the pipeline to bear the weight, large check valve should be independent support, so that the pressure generated by the impact of piping. Note that the direction of media flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrows of the valve body.Check Valve

Check valve: is able to automatically stop the fluid back valve. The valve flap of the check valve opens under fluid pressure and the fluid flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the inlet side pressure is lower than the outlet side, the valve flap in the fluid pressure, gravity itself and other factors automatically shut down to prevent fluid backflow.

The structure of the lift check valve is generally similar to the cut-off valve, the valve flap along the channel in the line for lifting movements, reliable action, but the fluid resistance is large, suitable for small caliber occasions. Lifting check valve can be straight and vertical two. Straight-through lift check valves can only be installed in the horizontal pipe, and vertical lift check valve is generally installed in the vertical pipe.Check Valve