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The Point Of Choose The Y-Type Strainer

Aug 13, 2019

1. Suitable import and export diameter

Where the selected y-type strainer should be used, then how large the diameter of the inlet and outlet channel installed must be the first step of the selection. In principle, the import and export diameter of the y strainer should not be smaller than the matching inlet path, which is generally the best with the diameter of the inlet pipeline.


2. Casting material of y-type strainer .

The second step of selecting the y-type strainer is the material. Since different materials have different physical and chemical properties. The material of the y-type strainer you selected should be the same as that of the process pipe to which you are connected. For different working conditions, you can select the y-type strainer made of cast iron, low alloy steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel.


3. Selection of strainer Hole Quantity .

The core operating mechanism of the y-type strainer is the strainer screen. Therefore, when selecting the y-type strainer, special consideration should be given to the size of the aperture and number of holes of the strainer screen that intercepts impurities. This option typically has a special``Interceptable Particle Size Comparison'' to help you select. Selecting the right screen is the most critical one by considering your interception needs. In addition, there are similar differences in nominal pressure, loss of strainer resistance, etc., which are also important considerations when selecting first-class y-type filters. They relate to the maximum pressure this filter path can bear and the service life of the y-type strainer .