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The Use Of The Ball Valve Media And Structure

Sep 15, 2017

     We usually use the ball valve according to different use medium, different use environment, can be divided into many kinds of ball valve, then what is the structure characteristic of each kind of ball valve, we now analyze. Full-welded floating ball valve structure Features: Flow path full diameter or necking, the ball and valve body are cast steel, valve seat sealing surface are used PTFE, the whole ball valve assembly debugging, after the qualified welding as a whole.Ball Valve

    Fixed seal ball valve structure Characteristics: Flow path full path. The valve body, bonnet and ball valve are all cast steel, and the valve body and bonnet are connected by screws: flange, welding. Adopt the top-mounted valve body. Fixed pipeline ball valve structure Characteristics: Flow path full diameter, three bodies using cast iron or forged steel, three-body joints are used screws, sealing gasket sealing, connecting the form: flange, welding, upper and lower stem have shaft, upper and lower stem seals using O-ring seal, valve seat using PTFE or metal.Ball Valve

    Full-welded fixed ball Line ball valve: Flow path: Full diameter, left and right valve body using cast steel or forged iron, the entire valve assembled, after the test, the left and right valve body again welded together, the ball using the upper and lower stem fixed, the valve stem seals using O-ring, the lower stem seals using gaskets, and then sealed welding, the upper and lower valve stem are equipped with bearing Ball Valve

     The back of the seat and the abutment are provided with a disc spring, a seat seal, PTFE or metal, connecting form: Flange connection or welding.Ball Valve