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Type Description Of Fire-resistance Breathing Valve | Type Of Fire-resistant Breather Valve

Dec 02, 2019

The Type of breather valve is as follows: 

       With the development of industrial machinery manufacturing, the application of the accelerated valve product and the social industry has been increasing from low pressure, room temperature to high pressure and high temperature, and the use of fire-resistant breather valve is increasing year by year. For different media requirements and different conditions, the type of the fire-resistant breather valve is different, and the multi-purpose valve fire-blocking breather valve is mainly used in the editing method of the type, mainly from the condition of the fire-resistant breather valve, the selection of the driving mode, the change of the connection form structure, The type of the sealing material, the pressure level of the valve and the valve body material are easy to be described, so that the user has a correct understanding of the convenience of the fire-resistant breather valve selection and the fire-resistance breathing valve.

Model design method for breathing valve: 

      Additional code for fire-resistant breather valve: v, valve core with v-type structure, d for low temperature, b for insulation, p for eccentric structure, u and s and dy for load type, fire-resistant breather valve name code: q, fire-resistant breather valve; Fire-resistant breather valve drive code:2 is electric hydraulic pressure,3 is turbine,6 is pneumatic,7 is hydraulic,9 is electric, manual code connection code: internal thread 1, flange type 4, welding 6, clamp 7 .

Structure type code: floating type:

1.denotes a straight-through flow passage.2 denotes a y-type three-way,4 denotes an l-type three-way,5 denotes a t-type three-way, a fixed:0 denotes a hemisphere,6 denotes a four-way,7 denotes a flow direction,8 denotes an l-type three-way, and 9 denotes a y-type three-way;