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Type Drawer Tank Flame Arrester

May 07, 2020

        anti detonation flame arrester ZHQ-ZH high performance fire resistance, fire resistance in four layers of corrugated plate, structure design: the product consists of core and shell is composed of two parts, core component is the core, is composed of two layers of thin stainless steel belt, a pressure wave shape of N, another plane strip it tightly wrapped around the center of a circle. Thus a face, is a small triangle through the channel, and a support structure in the core cross internal (or in the surface pressure on the Y-shaped bracket) in order to enhance the reliability of the core member, to avoid explosion pressure dispersed generated core member lit medium. Medium from the triangle narrow canal by, flame arrester is through it to prevent fire in the pipeline of the spread, the principle is "wall effect", is that the collision with the wall of the flame of energy conversion, lower temperature. This principle to design highly prevent flame triangular hole through, coupled with the channel length sufficient to absorb the heat of the flame, which extinguished in the core part, to avoid the possibility of gas is again at the other end of the core member.