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Forged Steel Bellows Globe Valve

Apr 10, 2020

Bellows globe valve is suitable for working pressure of 1.6~ 4.0mpa, operating temperature of -29~350 petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power industry and other working conditions, but cut off or connected to the regulating pipeline media

1. Forged steel bellows globe valves, the key components of which are metal bellows, the lower end and stem assembly are welded by automatic roll welding, and the upper end and connecting plate are welded by automatic roll welding. A metal barrier is formed between the fluid medium and the atmosphere to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem.

2. The valve disc adopts conical design, the sealing surface is streamlined with the medium, the sealing performance is better, and the service life is longer.
3. Dual sealing design (bellows + packing) If bellows fail, stem packing will also avoid leakage and meet international sealing standards.
4. The valve cover is equipped with a greasing joint, which can lubricate the stem, nut and Bush directly, unlike traditional lubrication only for threads.
5. Ergonomic design handwheel, longer service life, easy and convenient operation, more safe and reliable;
Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power and other industries.
Applicable temperature:
- 196 ~600 C
Applying nominal pressure:

Product features

1. Reasonable structure and reliable sealing;2. Surfacing the sealing surface of Co base hard alloy, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, long service life;3. Valve stem tempering and surface nitriding treatment, good anti-corrosion and anti-friction performance;4 parts material and flange surfacing welding end size can be reasonably selected according to the actual working conditions or user requirements, to meet various engineering needs;5 the valve core can be done according to the needs of the bearing cut off type and regulating type.