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Valve Industry Completed Transition From Primary To Mature

Sep 03, 2016

In the age of the mobile Internet, intelligent valve based on data as the core, "software + hardware" based, mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, one of the foundations. Intelligent core of "smart", with a focus on software. From the development of intelligent valve, is the tendency of integration of software and hardware, the hardware will become more and more like a container, user buy Smart products in purchase applications and services. Both platform strategy, or vertical layout, intelligent output only appearance, create user stickiness by output behind time gets the entrance and the focus and the user traffic is big competition.

Faced with the rise of intelligent and good, wave upon wave of entrepreneurs into the Internet and countless valves in the intelligent business. However, due to the product, understanding of supply chain in place and inadequate risk assessment, resulting in product cannot be mass produced tragedy. In the field of intelligent enterprise, entrepreneurs occupy the mainstream has two valves, one is engaged in the traditional areas of valve production before, one is at the origin of pure Internet and software development. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The former production, ingredient, supply chain, inventory, channel key is good at, but the short fan marketing, management and interaction with the Internet, and that it was the latter, and practitioners for SMS of the Internet and new technology acceptance more quickly. While in high and new technologies such as cloud computing has an advantage over traditional industries.