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What Are The Uses And Characteristics Of Welded Butterfly Valves?

Oct 26, 2019

What are the uses and characteristics of welded butterfly valves?

The butterfly valve and the valve body used the same material, and then made into a sealing ring. The raw material used is electric or pneumatic transmission. At this time the body can be subjected to a high temperature range is to see the structure of the body material is? Welded butterfly valves are commonly used in industries such as industry and metallurgy and environmental protection. The main features as below :

1. In the design is relatively novel, and also very reasonable, the structure is particularly unique, the weight is also very light, so in the opening and closing time is very rapid.

2.The torque in the operating force is also very small, easy to operate, labor-saving and light.

3.In the use of materials, to meet the local high school different media and corrosive and other media.