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What Is The Need To Pay Attention To The Installation Of The Check Valve?

Jul 09, 2019

    The  wafer check valve is a general one-way fluid valve. It is light in weight, small in volume, easy to install between flanges, and consists of two semicircular springs and plate surfaces inside the valve. The valve plate is closed by spring deformation fixed on the valve body with a pin, and the fluid pressure makes the deformation of the open spring very fast, which can protect the pipe from the damage of the water hammer.

Observe the following dos and don'ts:

  1.When placing the pipe, attention should be paid to making the direction of the wafer check valve consistent with the flow direction of the fluid;                                                 2.installed in the vertically placed pipeline. For the horizontal pipeline, vertically place the wafer check valve;                                                                                   3.use a telescopic pipe between the wafer check valve and the butterfly valve, do not connect it directly with other valves;                                                                             4.avoid adding pipe joints and blockages within the operating radius of the valve plate;             5.do not install a variable diameter pipe in front or back of the wafer check valve;               6.when installing the wafer check valve near the elbow, pay attention to leaving enough space;     7.When installing the wafer check valve at the pump outlet, at least six times the valve diameter is flowed out to ensure that the butterfly plate is finally subjected to fluid action.