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What Problems Do Welded Butterfly Valves Usually Encounter When They Are Used?

Oct 07, 2019

In the field of modern industry, a variety of butterfly valves are used, among which the welded butterfly valve is the best in the butterfly valve, which has been welcomed and favored by this industry, and can be seen on many occasions. Next, I'd like to introduce you to what problems you usually encounter when using welded butterfly valves.

1, because the welded butterfly valve is a multi-layer soft and hard stacked valve plate structure, it will cause positive scour on the sealing surface when the butterfly valve is open, thus directly affecting the sealing performance of the butterfly valve.

2. Because butterfly valves are limited by structural conditions, some types of valves cannot be done, because the structure of these valve plates is too thick and the resistance is the greatest.

3. When the butterfly valve is in a positive state, the greater the pressure on the medium, the tighter the seal extrusion. As a result, the seal begins to leak after it has been squeezed to a certain extent.

4, the sealing surface between the valve plate and the valve seat is the structure of oblique cone, and the principle of surface design is relatively resistant to high temperature. This structure solves the original problem of butterfly valve and makes the application range and field of welded butterfly valve more extensive.