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Stainless Steel Wafer End Spring Loaded Lift Type Check Valve

Mar 30, 2020


1.The valve disc moves up and down along the midline of the valve body. Under the pressure of the fluid which flows in one direction, the valve disc will be raised up from the sealing surface of the valve seat. If there is backflow, the valve disc will return back to the valve seat to cut off the medium. 

2.Short face to face dimension ,small volume and light weight ;

3.Valve disc open and close quickly ,so it has a lower hammer pressure ;

4.Valve following road is smooth and less fluid resistance ;

5.Nice sealing performance etc.

Technical Specifications

Size: DN150 
Pressure: PN25
Body Material : CF8M
Material of Sealing Surface: 316SS 
Connection Type :Wafer 
Design Standard: GB/T-12235


Petroleum industry

Chemical industry
Power Industry