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Y-type Filter Application And Characteristics

Dec 25, 2017

Y-type filter application and characteristics

Dec 25, 2017

Y-type filters are mainly used in pipe filters, especially water filters, and are widely used in industry where you can screen our industrial production: soil, rust, organic matter and other types of materials (air can also be screened Various gases etc).

The y-type filter can achieve the desired effect. Y-type filter features and advantages of the company are as follows: very wide range of applications, and can be applied to a variety of different projects, can filter different products (water, oil, etc.) Second, the design, small size, easy to use adaptation Strong sex. Third, the product is stable, can run in the future for a long time are set to not easily damaged. Fourth, the operation is simple, accurate we can run you need to filter the material properties set parameters. Five, the purchase and maintenance costs are low, you only need to follow the instructions can be manipulated, easy to operate guide six, good results can run for a long time, and large-capacity filter size, and so have more advantages and features, not Introduction, the overall valve y-type filter, low cost, run quality selection filter options.

Y-type filter for gas medium (gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other non-corrosive gases) purification filter, widely used in gas regulator (pry) stations, distribution stations and door stations and other transmission and distribution systems, On the protection system in the regulator, flowmeter, valves and other equipment to play an important role in the normal work, here we briefly describe the basic requirements of the lower gas Y-type filter which: 1, to meet the gas supply system on the filter Accuracy requirements. Gas Y-type filter filter accuracy refers to the gas through the filter, can filter the size of the smallest impurity particle size, the diameter of the nominal size in μm units. The smaller the particle size, the higher the accuracy of the filter. 2, to meet the system requirements for filtering capacity. Gas Y-type filter filter capacity refers to a certain pressure, allowing the maximum flow through the Y-type filter. Usually the maximum flow rate is given by the design of the main characteristics of the gas turbine, and the opening rate of the composite network is calculated according to the number of layers and the number of the mesh, and the effective area coefficient and the resistance coefficient of the filter are calculated. 3, the filter material should have a certain mechanical strength, to ensure that the working pressure, will not be destroyed. In the gas Y-type filter, usually use stainless steel filter. It has the following advantages:

(1) good filtration performance, 2μm-200μm filtration accuracy can play a uniform filtration performance.

(2) corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance.

(3) stainless steel mesh uniformity, high precision filter.

(4) stainless steel filter unit area of the flow of large.

(5) stainless steel filter for high temperature environment.