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QZF -89 Type All-Weather Fire Proof Breathing Valve

Breathing valve is a kind of air breather which install on the petrochemical fixed storage tank, in order to avoid tank over the pressure or vacuum making the storage tank destruct, prevent the outside flame enter, reduce the tank fluid volatile.
Product Details

QZF -89 Type All-Weather Fire Proof  Breathing Valve

Main Features:

The breathing valve is a safe and energy-saving product to maintain the pressure balance of the storage tank and reduce the volatilization of the medium. the breathing valve makes full use of the pressure bearing capacity of the storage tank itself to reduce the medium emission. the principle is to use the weight of the positive and negative pressure valve disc to control the exhaust positive and inspiratory negative pressure of the storage tank.




Pressure Setting:355Pa-1750Pa

Vacuum Setting :-295Pa 

Main Technology Parameter

Applicable materials: 

gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aromatics, sulfur, air and other petrochemical materials

Environment temperature:

-40 ºC -+60 ºC

Shell material: 

HT, AL, A3, 18-8, 304, 304L, 316, 316L

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