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Pressure Vacuum Relif Breather Valve

Pressure Vacuum Relif Breather Valve

Breathing valve is a kind of air breather which install on the petrochemical fixed storage tank, in order to avoid tank over the pressure or over vacuum making the storage tank destruct, prevent the outside flame enter ,reduce the tank fluid volatile.
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Pressure Vacuum Relif Breather Valve

Model QHXF-2000 is designed to vent to atmosphere to protect your tank from damage created by over-pressure or excessive vacuum.Costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank "breathing" are greatly reduced.Because it retains toxic vapous,atmospheric contamination is minimized.This helps to provide increased fire protection and safety.


Most atmospheric tanks require a venting device that will allow large volumes of vapor to escape under relatively low pressures. Usually the allowable set pressure is in inches of water column pressure, both for positive and vacuum conditions. This is because most large storage tanks have a relatively low maximum allowable working pressure.

Operating pressure:
Type A: +355pa(+36mmH2O) -295pa(-30mmH2O)
Type B: +980pa(+100mmH2O) -295pa(-30mmH2O)
Type C: +1970pa(+200mmH2O) -295pa(-30mmH2O)
Type D:  according to user requirement (special pressure rating)
under normal circumstances, (fire) breathing valve operating pressure to B shall prevail;
Applicable materials: 
gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aromatics, sulfur, air and other petrochemical materials;
Environment temperature
-40 ºC -+60 ºC;
Shell material: 
HT, AL, A3, 18-8, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
Flange standards: 
HG20592-97 PN1.0 (also can be produced according to user specified criteria)

The following will help in sizing a Pressure/Vacuum Valve:

  • Normal Relief: The sum of vapor replacement resulting from emptying or filling and thermal in-breathing or outbreathing.

  • Emergency Relief: Thermal out-breathing from fire exposure.

  • All Tanks: Generally require the sizing of a normal pressure and vacuum Relief Valve to be sized and an independent emergency Relief Valve to be sized separately.

  • Flow Curves: These curves provide pressure and vacuum capacity which is required for sizing.




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A: we are a manufacturer, we have been manufacturing check valve more than 20 years.

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 A: T/T 30% down payment, balance to be paid before shipment. or L/C.
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A: yes, we offer OEM/ODM service, we support the customized logo, size, package,etc.
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A: Yes, Samples can be provided.
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A: We will responsible for all the quality problems.

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