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Flame Retardant With Double Connection Nozzle Breathing Valve

Flame Retardant With Double Connection Nozzle Breathing Valve

Breathing valve is a kind of air breather which install on the petrochemical fixed storage tank, in order to avoid tank over the pressure or vacuum making the storage tank destruct, prevent the outside flame enter, reduce the tank fluid volatile.
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Flame Retardant With Double Connection Nozzle Breathing Valve

A lot of breathing valve variety, each have different properties and characteristics, the choice should be to meet the conditions in accordance with its characteristics, whether can achieve optimal running effect, to consider various aspects of some objective factors.

Take out take (fire) breathing valve type HXF-HJ/HJZ is one of the most popular products, with exhale take over (fire) breathing valve in the system play a security role.
In practical application, its characteristics should be selected according to the type of the actual needs, and based on the maximum discharge capacity to choose their path is the best scheme.

Working pressure and operating ambient temperature

Exhaling pressure:A、+355Pa B、+980Pa C、+1750Pa D、+4Kpa (operation pressure can decide by customer's specified)

Suction pressure:A、-295 B、-295Pa C、-0.5KPa 

Usage environment temperature:-30℃~-60℃

Working medium

Gasoline、kerosene、diesel oil、aromatic naphtha、air etc.

Note:inhaled and exhaled gases are compensated gas special,which is toxic or gas recovery and utilization.

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