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Cast Iron Flanged Foot Valve Bottom Valve

Cast Iron Flanged Foot Valve Bottom Valve

Zhejiang Naibang Valve CO., LTD, Founded in 2000, is a professional valve manufacturer integrating design, technical development, produce and sale service, has a solid strength and rich production experience. The main product are wafer check valves, ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, forged steel valves, and have obtained ISO9001 , API 6D , CE Certificate and TS management system certifications.
Product Details

Foot Valve
A foot valve is a component used with a pump to help the pump stay primed,
ensuring that when people turn it on, it will immediately begin pumping water.
Foot valves are found in wells, attached to pool cleaners, and in other settings where fluids are being pumped. The valve allows the pump to be turned on and off without concerns about whether the pump will stay primed and it also filters fluids pulled into the line to reduce the risk of clogs.

Foot valves are a form of check valve, a valve that only admits flow in one direction.
In the case of a foot valve, fluid can be pulled into the valve and up the line, but it cannot flow back out.
When the pump is on, water moves through the valve, into the line, and into the pump itself.
When the pump is turned off, the water in the line stays in place because the valve prevents it from flowing backward.
If the water was allowed to drain out of the line, air would end up in the line and the pump would need to be primed again to get it flowing.

Product features
1.The structure is  ideal , in addition to the emptying time,it will not generate turbulence .
2.Available for all existing international standard interface, such as welded, clamp or screw type, etc. 
3. Body materials are US304.SUS316L , possible to use other alloy steel according to customer requirements.
4.Body surface can be polished by mechanical polishing or electrical, precision can reach0.25um according to customer requirements .
5.Driving can be by manual or pnuematic.

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