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Cast Steel In Line Deflagration Flame Arrestor

Cast Steel End Line Deflagration Flame Arrestor is a protective device which use as prevent inflammable gas, fluid's flame spread and avoid tempering cause to explosion,usually use at below conditions:
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Cast Steel In Line Deflagration Flame Arrestor

Breather valve is used to install the crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and other fixed roof tank safety equipment, is reduced storage tank of oil product evaporation loss and protection from damage when the overpressure or vacuum. The valve which is equipped with flame arrester.

Main technology parameter:

Use as storage flash point lower than 60℃ petrochemical product,such as gasoline、kerosene、light diesel oil、toluene etc

Working temperature ≤ 180℃

Body material:carbon steel、aluminum alloy、stainless steel:SUS304、SUS304L、SUS316、SUS316L

Arrestor core material: Stainless steel, Corrugated sheet

Explosion-proof level:BS5501:IIA、IIB、IIC

Working pressure: 0.6Mpa - 5.0Mpa, high pressure should decide by customer


1.air quantity is big, sealed performance is good, small amount of leakage and corrosion resistance.

2. Operating pressure

 Grade A positive pressure: 355 Pa (36 mm Water column);

 Negative pressure: 295 Pa (30 mm Water column)

 B positive pressure: 980 Pa (100 mm Water column);

 Negative pressure: 2 9 5 Pa (30 mm Water column)

 C level positive pressure: 17 5 6 Pa (180 m water column);

 Negative pressure: 295 Pa (30 mm water column)

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