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Detonation Proof Storage Tank Fire Arrester

Detonation Proof Storage Tank Fire Arrester

Pipeline Explosion-Proof Crimped Fire Arrester Pipeline explosion-proof crimped fire arrester type is the application of the flame through the narrow pore heat conductor, explosion-proof fire retardant corrugated metal core formed of triangular elements to damage due to flame, the heat loss and...
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Detonation Proof Storage Tank Fire Arrester

The flame arrester is a safety device used to prevent the flame spread of BAI flammable gas and flammable liquid vapor. It is generally installed in the pipeline conveying flammable gas or on the ventilated tank to prevent the flame (deflagation or detonation) from passing through. It is composed of the shell and accessories of the flame arrester with fire core.

Fire Arrestor is a protective device which use as prevent inflammable gas,fluid's flame spread and avoid temperimg cause to explosion,usually use at beloww conditions:
1.Transport inflammable gas and flammable gas pipelie;
2.Storage petroleum and petroleum product tank;
3.With explosion insecure system vent-pipe;
4.Oil and gas recycling system;
5.Regenerative bolier burning gas pileline net;
6.Gas engine exhaust system;
7.Torch system.

Main technology parameter

Apply to storage flash point lower than 60ºC petrochemical product,such as Gasoline ,kerosene,light diesel oil,toluene etc.
Working temperature≤180ºC
Body material:carbon steel,aluminum alloy,stainless steel:SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L.
Arrestor core material:stainless steel corrugated sheet.
Explosion-proof level:BS5501:IIA,IIB,IIC.
Working pressure:0.6Mpa-5.0Mpa,high pressure should decide by customer.

Maintenance and servicing

^Fire arrestor should check every half of a year,check the flame retardant layer core whether block,deformation,corrosion etc.
^When find block flame retardant layer core should clean,insure every hole in core are unobstructed,should change the deformation,corrosion flame retardant layer.
^Re install the fire resistant layer core parts,should ensure that the combination of surface close not leak.




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We are a factory specialized in manufacturing valves and ftting over 20 years.
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