Forged Steel Flanged Pig Launcher Valve

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Product Details

Main Features:

Stainless Steel Pig Launcher Valve is a new concept for pigging launcher or pigging receiver, mainly used to cleaning pipe in gas gate station, sweeping pipe and cleaning short-distance pipe. Applicable in oil and gas field, oil-gas gathering and transportation, oil-gas storage, chemical terminal, chemical reservoir, off-shore oil platform and other pigging operation in fluid transportation pipelines.

Pigging Ball Valve is the pipeline construction, cleaning, maintenance, testing and management of essential equipment, the use of pigging valve and with the appropriate pipeline pig, Pipeline cleaning, emptying, separating, sequential transportation of medium and inspection can be easily accomplished.

Pigging Valves contain pigging launcher and pigging receiver, they are paired. And by using the compatible pig. pigging valve can completely replace the complex conventional device for launching pig and receiving pig.

Product Range:

1. Size: 2” - 6”

2. Temperature range: -50 to 400 deg Fahrenheit

3. Pressure Classes: ASME 150 – 2500 and API 2000 – 5000

4. Materials: LF2, 316 SS, and Exotic Alloys as required

5. Industry Standards: API 6D, ASME B16.34 and API 598

6. Seals: HSN, HNBR, James Walker, Viton, Teflon, Devlon Peek or as required

Design Features:

1. Emergency seat sealant injection

2. Large Bearings for smooth robust operation

3. Positive Shut Off with optional By-Pass valving

4. Large button head grease fittings with buried checks

5. Double Block and Bleed with vent and drain capabilities

6. Pig Entry Cap with hex drive and spanner drive options

7. Pig Entry Cap with vent and pressure relief safety groove

8. Trunnion Block mounted Ball for reduced torque and stem loading

9. Up Stream sealing with automatic downstream cavity relief

10. Large Actuator Mounting Pads and Stems