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HXF-I Qutck Open Brething

HXF-I Qutck Open Brething

Breathing valve is a kind of air breather which install on the petrochemical fixed storage tank, in order to avoid tank over the pressure or vacuum making the storage tank destruct, prevent the outside flame enter, reduce the tank fluid volatile.
Product Details

HXF-I Qutck Open Breathing 

Fire breathing valve produced by our company has simplified structure, ventilation volume, less leakage, corrosion resistance, insulation, etc.

The valve adopts polytetrafluoroethylene material, has the advantages of low temperature resistant, anti frost. 

The electrostaticprotection device is provided with a respiratory valve, the valve and the tank to keep the same potential moment.

under normal circumstances, (fire) breathing valve operating pressure to B shall prevail;

2)Applicable materials: 
gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aromatics, sulfur, air and other petrochemical materials;

Environment temperature:
-40 ºC -+60 ºC;

3)Shell material: 
HT, AL, A3, 18-8, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

4)Flange standards: 
HG20592-97 PN1.0 (also can be produced according to user specified criteria)

Material Option:  

Carbon steel  

A216 Gr. WCB, WCC, WCA, etc

Low temperature steel

A352 Gr. LCB, LCC, LC1, etc

Cr-Mo steel

A217 Gr. WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A, etc

Stainless Steel

A351 Gr. CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF8C, etc

Alloy steel

CN7M alloy 20, CN3M alloy 20 modified, CT15C, etc

Super duplex

A995 Gr. 4A, 5A, CE8MN, CD6MN, CD3MN, etc

Aluminum bronze

B148 C95500, C95600, C95800, etc


M30C, M35-1, CZ100, etc


CY40 inconel 600, etc


CW2m Hastelly C4, N12MV Hastelloy B, etc


CU5MCuC Incoloy 825, CW6MC Incoloy 625, etc

Maintenance methods:

1. storage: the above products should be stored in a warehouse with rain protection facilities if they are not installed for the time being or overhauled and overhauled by the factory after they are delivered to the construction site; the breathing valve series products shall not be inverted when transported.


a.For respiratory valve series products, staff should check the top of the tank once a month to check the disc, seat, stem, valve sleeve and other parts of dust, dirt, if so, should clean dry and quiet; every six months, wipe the valve sleeve, valve stem wipe transformer oil.

b.The staff of the semi-annual staff shall check the fire-blocking layer of the fire-resistant breather valve. If there is a stain and the impurity is blocked from the fire-blocking layer, the lower fire-blocking layer shall be removed, the stain shall be removed by the corresponding solvent, and the fire-retardant layer shall be cleaned and dried with clear water, and then put into the casing after the ventilation and blow-drying.

c.The paint on the inner and outer surfaces of the above products should be repainted once a year.

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