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Pnuematic Regulating Valve

Pnuematic Regulating Valve

Technical Parameters
Nominal Diameter: DN20-DN150
Pressure: Class 150-Class 600
Temperature: Medium temperature
Material: Stainless steel or Carbon steel
Body: WCB,CF8,CF8M
Filler: PTFE
Valve Handle: 304,316,316L
Spring: 60Si2mn 50CrVA
Media: Gas, Oil, Water
Application: Industry
Product Details

Pnuematic regulating valve, it assume small volume, light weight, precise, high-rate, It adopt ripe design technique and manufacturing empirical, It’s advanced product, It adapt to IEC standard. It’s widely used power station, metallurgy, chemical works, textile mill, glasswork and so on, It’s used auto-regulating and remote control in process of production.

Main Technical Parameter and Dimension

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