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Straight-Through T Type Strainer With Flange End

Straight-Through T Type Strainer With Flange End

1. Single basket strainer, T-strainer
2. Duplex basket strainer
WPB, WP304, WP316
ASTM A216 WCB ASTM A351 CF8, A351 CF8M, A351 CF3, A351 CF3M, A351 CN7M
(Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)
Product Details

Straight-Through T Type Strainer with Flange End

T-Strainer can be used in water filtration industry, agriculture, electronics, medicine, construction, steel, metallurgy, paper and other industries.

Particularly in the application of plant water recycling, efficient use of water resources to the maximum. Treatment of industrial wastewater characteristics of type T-Strainer is pertinence, technology changes. The filtering structure model can effectively improve the efficiency of sewage treatment.

T-Strainer is usually installed in the valve, relief valve inlet pressure, water valves or other equipment end, used to remove the impurities in the medium, to protect the normal use of valves and equipment.
Can also be used for gas or other media filter large particles, installed in the pipe to remove the larger solids in the fluid, the machinery and equipment (including compressor, pumps etc.), instrument can work and operation, stable process, the role of safety production.

Material Option:  

Carbon steel  

A216 Gr. WCB, WCC, WCA, etc

Low temperature steel

A352 Gr. LCB, LCC, LC1, etc

Cr-Mo steel

A217 Gr. WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A, etc

Stainless Steel

A351 Gr. CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF8C, etc

Alloy steel

CN7M alloy 20, CN3M alloy 20 modified, CT15C, etc

Super duplex

A995 Gr. 4A, 5A, CE8MN, CD6MN, CD3MN, etc

Aluminum bronze

B148 C95500, C95600, C95800, etc


M30C, M35-1, CZ100, etc


CY40 inconel 600, etc


CW2m Hastelly C4, N12MV Hastelloy B, etc


CU5MCuC Incoloy 825, CW6MC Incoloy 625, etc


I. Are you factory?
Yes,we are factory and we're specialized in manufacturing for 10 years.

II. Which countries do you export to?
We're exporting to about 40 countries around the world. 

III. If you can do valve in our brand?
Yes,we can do your brand,but need you to provide the certificate of authorization for us.

IV. Where is your factory ?
Our factory is located in Wenzhou city.  If you have time ,welcome to visit us!

V.How about the delivery time?
Usually it should need 30days, if you are urgent, we can discuss.

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